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Fish Creek Spinners StoreFish Creek Spinners designs and builds a complete range of fishing spinner models in a variety of unique designs, appealing to both Freshwater and Saltwater species.

Use the Categories at the top of each page to navigate, view and purchase our products

Our designs offer alternatives by weight, size, color, and blade styles. Most Models option hook, blade, or skirt choices - Trebles or Singles, Bait rigs, Barbless and Weedless hooks are  available as choices - adaptable to your preference - near Custom capability.

Fishing Spinner Models are classified by size (Small, Medium, Large) or Type (Walleye Fishing, Spinnerbaits, Assortments).

I recommend the Assortments. Assortments offer collections of spinners organized by design or color set - at reduced prices.

The Fishing spinners range in weights from the ultralite 1/30oz Fire Fly for Brook and Cutthroat trout in streams and beaver ponds, to the heavier 2+oz Double Bites and Zonker Spinnerbaits.

Whether you're fishing step across streams, rainbow trout in fast white water chutes, or Tidal Salmon, Sea-Trout and Steelhead in Western rivers or Great Lakes tributaries - Fish Creek Spinners has a product for you. Let's not forget the Walleyes. Got'em covered! Come and get'em!

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