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Fish Creek Spinners - Exceptional fishing tackle

DESC:  1/10oz HotRod - All colors grid        PRICE: $3.25  

1/10oz Double Blade Hot Rod Color Selection Page - Hydrophone Sound Recordings at bottom of page

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The Hot Rod's tandem blades act different during rotation. New Noise and different flash. Both blades are fast spinning. The larger bottom Swing blade contacts the body beads creating a gurgling noise and the lighter willow provides the flash.

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Fish Creek Spinners F708 1/10oz Double Blade Hot Rod - Underwater Hydrophone Sound Recording

Controls are top center. The horizontal volume slider is set to off. Drag it to the right to activate speakers. Triangle will be green if playing. Square turns recording off.

The double blade interference results in irratic noise, as well as a different motion then that found on single blades. I started to hear patterns after listening to them a few times. One thing that stood out for me was that those spinners with glass or plastic, but missing the metal wobbler discs, tended to gurgle and purr with a softer more muted sound.

Selection 1 - 1/10oz HotRods - Double Bladed - #0 Willow on top of #3 Black Swing Blade - Faceted Glass Body beads separated by metal spacers. Double blade combination generates erratic flutter and added vibration during rotation.

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