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About Fish Creek Spinners

Fish Creek Spinners designs and builds a complete range of fishing spinner models in a variety of unique designs, appealing to both Freshwater and Saltwater species.

We began making spinners on Colorado's front range in 1998, and have recently relocated the family and business to Wisconsin, to be closer to extended family and return to the State where I grew up. Squeeky snow, popping trees, biting cold and plenty of fresh water and fish, year round!

I've been making and selling our spinners since 1998, 17 years of brand refinement, new target species, and plenty of design variety.

Our designs offer alternatives by weight, size, color, and blade styles. This will not change, however, the new location brings new wholesale markets and different angler influences, which is very exciting!

Most Models option hook, blade, or skirt choices - Trebles or Singles, Bait rigs, Barbless and Weedless hooks are also available as choices - adaptable to your preference, near Custom capability.

The Fishing spinners range in weights from the ultralite 1/30oz Fire Fly for Brook and Cutthroat trout in streams and beaver ponds, to the heavier 2+oz Double Bites and Zonker Spinnerbaits.

Whether you're fishing step across streams, rainbow trout in fast white water chutes, or Tidal Salmon, Sea-Trout and Steelhead in Western rivers or Great Lakes tributaries - Fish Creek Spinners has a product for you.

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